Wk10: Achieving Peak Performance, Personal Freedom and A Pain Free Back


Everyone goes through days were pressure, stressors or unexpected working conditions throw us off course from achieving our peak performance.

However, the difference between those that still manage to succeed regardless of the situation and those that don’t seems to come in how we deal with those mental stressors.

Brandon Webb, author of Red Circle and former Head Instructor of the Navy Seal Snipers, knows a thing or two about how to not only control his mental state under challenging conditions but also how to train others to do the same.

Webb explains that many people self sabotage themselves with negative self-talk whereas some people may even be influenced by the words of others.

The former Seal man suggests that although negative self-talk can be surprisingly damaging to our performance level. It is as simple as telling yourself positive things, especially after catching yourself doing otherwise. Like everything else, this is a habit that would have to be practiced, but, one that could have incredible results.

With regards to dealing with others, Webb tells the story how he used to say to Sniper recruits before they shoot ‘don’t flinch’. More often than not, this led them to flinch.
In everyday life how often do you find yourself saying to someone else:

‘Don’t stress’, ‘Don’t worry’ or ‘Don’t mess up’.

Whilst we may be trying to help the person, according to Webb it may actually be having the opposite effect.

The power of our words to others can drastically improve performance. During the sniper training, Brandon changed the teaching methodology from negative teaching to positive teaching in an attempt to improve how he affected the recruits performances.

Rather than point out mistakes, the focus was on telling people on how to perform things correctly.

Additionally, during exams were snipers were expected to hit 80% to pass, they would often ask:

‘What is considered a good score for this test?’

Past instructors may say:

“90% is really good”

However, the change in teaching now resulted in responses of:


Webb stated that by raising the standard recruits improved that the scores started to improve, even if not many hit 100% the higher expectation provided an increase in performance.


Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor has attributed much of his success to visualisation and self-talk

The two keys to mental management are positive self-talk and visualisation.

Work hard to practice telling yourself ‘you can do something’ especially if  you find yourself saying ‘you can’t’.

The power of simply visualising successful performances or achievement has worked time and time again for Olympians, successful businessmen and high performers alike.

Why would you be any different?


 Guy Ritchie may be known for being a successful filmmaker, directing movies such as Snatch, Lock Stock Two Smoking Barrels and Sherlock Holmes.

However, after hearing him on the Joe Rogan podcast, it is clear that his story telling talents can offer as much more than just a great movie.

There is one particular segment of the interview where Ritchie explains to the host, in a very interesting way, that many of us think, behave and achieve based on the expectations of others.

 Death of the Suit

 Picture this:

One man getting ready for work, grudgingly putting a suit and tie on to go to work because he HAS to wear it.

This is the every day ‘average joe’ who resents his suit. This process has killed the symbol of the suit.

On the other side, there is the man who has a confident swagger as he puts on his cufflinks, carefully folding his crisp collar, silk pocket square and tightening his tie.

This guy WANTS to wear the suit. This is the guy; we often see in movies and instantly love.

Harvey Specter is a man who WANTS to wear the suit!

What does this even mean?

Ritchie uses the suit metaphor to show that people have to WANT to be doing what they are doing. They have to WANT to put on that suit. When they are doing what they actually WANT to do, the game changes.

Ritchie goes on to explain what the ‘game’ is;

‘The world outside is very noisy and tempting. It has all the razz ma tazz…it has all the toys….

…the whole idea of the world is to make you feel bad about yourself. This is the system…

People say don’t hate the player, hate the game. Don’t hate it. Love it because you are in it mate.

Own the game. Accept the rules and move into the game…

You can’t just walk into things eyes half open. You got to know what you are getting in to. Take possession of your own life.”

By taking ownership of your life you can begin to do what YOU WANT to do. You can no longer worry about the validation of others.

You no longer seek anything from anyone.

You no longer need that ‘crutch’ of validation to make yourself happier.

The result?

‘The man that can be trusted most is the man who doesn’t want anything from us, therefore he can be authentically kind to you because there is no longer a need for manipulation’

Achieving this is a huge component of a successful life.

It’s real power.

It’s ultimately freedom.


Answer honestly…

Are you doing what you WANT to be doing?

Are you doing something because you think that’s what the world is telling you, you should be doing?

Have you held off or stop doing something you know you’d love to do because you are worried of what the world may think?



The constant sitting and lack of movement in modern society has led many of us to have back pain, hunched over postures and limited shoulder mobility.

Mens Health Fitness Directior, BJ Gaddour, suggests that can all change by simply hanging on a pull up bar.

By performing the straight arm hang, you will decrease your risk of back pain as the position decompresses your spine.

Additionally, with most of our day spent with our hands by our side the hang gets us into a position with our hands stretched above our head.

This is actually a a very simple movement that many people have now lost the ability to do without pain or restriction.

The joint friendly hang, has the added bonus of challenging your core and improving grip strength. Both of which have a positive carry over to almost every single exercise you will perform!


If you have a pull up bar at home try hanging for 10-30 seconds at a time for multiple sets throughout the day or as part of your morning routine.

If you don’t, then whilst at the gym, try incorporating the hang into your warm up, in between exercises or at the end!


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