Wk 7: Extraordinary Results, Morning Routines and Increasing Your Pull Ups



Meet Jon Morrows

Paralysed from the neck down since 6 months old, he is only able to move his lips and eyes.

His mum and dad lost their jobs and all their money during the recession.

He had to live on $700 per month otherwise his medical help would be cut.

He’s had pneumonia 16 times and survived going through a windshield after a car crash.

Jon has been dealt what some of us would think is an unplayable hand.

However, he is now a millionaire author, consultant has even started inventing a wheelchair lift for airplanes.

But, how?!

He attributes most of his success down to learning from the worlds top performers through books, podcasts, networking and seminars.

Within a few years, I’d read hundreds of books on self-improvement, investing, philosophy, psychology, and diet. My brain became an encyclopedia of actionable, realistic ideas for making my life better.

The result?

Day by day, month by month, year by year, my conception of “realistic” began to stretch, and I saw the world entirely differently. Not just because of positive thinking, but because I had replaced everything in my reality that suggested anything less.


This blog contains 35 practical tips (so far) to getting better which come from some of the worlds highest achievers.

It also includes podcasts, books, article and seminar recommendations.

After reading Jon’s story, I’m absolutely certain any excuse you have for not at least attempting to achieve your goals, is worthless.

The people in these blogs are top performers for a reason. Learn from them. Apply what’s relevant to you.

Re-evaluate daily.




A major difference between those who become successful and those who dream about being successful is the action taken.

Admittedly, taking action can be difficult. With the endless amounts of distractions and psychological battles it’s clear that we need to narrow our focus on what is important and take action on that thing immediately.

This is exactly what Gary Keller advises in his book ‘The One Thing’.

 “To do the most important thing. Is always the most important thing.”

Keller explains hat our willpower is limited each day. Every time we tax our willpower  it reduced for the remainder of the day.

Taxing your willpower includes things such as:

  • Resisting temptations,
  • Filtering distractions
  • Coping with fear
  • Doing something you don’t enjoy
  • Trying to impress others

Therefore the best way to get productive things done is to complete tasks when our willpower is at it’s highest.


Very simply, Keller tells us that to achieve extraordinary results. We must pick ONE THING. We must choose what matters most to us at that time and dedicate our time and energy to that.


Write down ONE THING only in your to-do list for the following day. Complete that thing.

Be happy knowing that even if you got nothing done for the rest of the day you made progress by completing the most important thing that had to be done, and did so with 100% dedication to that thing.



Having a solid morning and bedtime routine appears to be the common trend with many successful people.

However, knowing what to do and practicing these habits can be difficult.

Fortunately, ex-Military and world-renowned strength coach Andy McKenzie gave us a superb simple and easy to remember acronym to help us organise these routines during his interview on this podcast.



R = Read

P = Prepare

M = Move


R = Reflect

P = Plan

M = Meditate


15 minutes in the morning

5 minutes of reading

5 minutes to prepare your day

5 minutes of mobility each morning

15 minutes in the evening

5 minutes of reflecting – evaluating your day and even showing gratitude each night

5 minutes of planning your next day

5 minutes of some concentrated breathing.

Increase the time on each monthly until you reach around 30 minutes total.



Warby and Parker started in 2010 when four guys decided to start an eyewear company.

They put in $25,000 each and worked out of an apartment.

The company is now worth an estimated $1 billion.

In a highly competitive market coming up against brands such as Ray-Ban, Ralph Lauren and Prada, Warby and Parker decided that they would go prioritise a fundamental key to business success: Customer Service.

It has been so good, 50% of the company’s sales come from word of mouth.

Here are just a few examples.

  • Fashionable glasses designed by an eyewear designer priced from $95
  • Customers are sent 5 frames postage free to try on before deciding what ones to buy
  • For every pair of glasses purchased the company donates the money to their non-profit partner who trains people to sell affordable glasses. Giving one person an income and another fashionable, affordable glasses.
  • Personal touch to customers with personalised video messages and one woman even got vouchers for her local bar when they heard her car had been stolen.
  • All enquiries answered by a human and answered within 6 rings of the phone.

Listen to more of their story here from Neil Blumenthal, one of the founders of the company.


Keep in mind you are dealing with humans when selling. Put a personal touch on your service. In a sales-driven world, this has been often overlooked by many businesses.

Provide an experience to remember. A little can go a long way.



Stop doing pull ups to failure.

For progress Soviet Strength coach Pavel Tsatsouline recommends the grease the groove method.

This is when you complete an exercise frequently throughout the day but for low reps.

By doing this you are training you’re neurological system to become more efficient at contracting your muscles.


Put a pull up bar in your home or work place.

Every time you walk past it complete a few reps of perfect form.

Don’t go anywhere near failure.

Repeat Daily.

Gradually increase volume each week.

*If you can’t perform a pull up, follow the same protocol but instead jump up to the top of the bar until the neck is above the bar and lower yourself as slow as you can to the bottom.


  • Create a new reality. Read books, listen to successful people and then take action!
  • Write down the ONE THING  each day that above all else must be completed.
  • Use RPM in the morning and the evening to successfully start and end the day.
  • Provide your customers with an experience to remember by adding a personal touch to your service.
  • Try the Grease to Groove Method to increase your pull ups!

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