Wk 4: Talk Like TED, Ultimate Conditioning and Overcoming Self-Doubt



 John Bates is a leadership communication expert and now regarded as of the go-to men for coaching speakers preparing for a TED talk.

During the ‘Road to Ted’ podcast he gave several tips for anyone aspiring to present to the TED standards.


  • Face your fears and be authentic. The fear of public speaking causes us to believe that we will look vulnerable on stage but John suggests great speakers actually allow this to happen. Audiences can relate to this more as it seems more authentic.


  • Speak slowly. Speaking too fast whilst on stage may give off the impression that the speaker is either lying or isn’t too knowledgeable about what they are talking about.


  • What’s Your Story? Think where you spend most of your time and money? Why do you do this and where did this passion come from? This could be the story that is worthy of sharing with others.


  • Get to the point. Don’t even introduce yourself; someone usually does that for you. You have 18 minutes in a TED talk. Choose your words wisely!



PRACTICAL: Great storytellers tend to grab peoples attention. Think of how your talk can have an intro, a conflict and a resolution, just like other great stories!





In his book Ultimate MMA Conditioning, world-renowned conditioning expert Joel Jamieson, states that ensuring your heart rate is below 60bpm is the first place to start when looking to improve your aerobic fitness.

Many modern day fitness trainers have attached a lot of negative connotations to this type of training and suggested that performing short and higher intensity work will provide the same benefit as this type of training.

According to Joel, this is definitely not true and the adaptations can’t be replicated.


This method of training improves the amount of blood your heart can pump with every beat – by increasing the size of the left ventricle of the heart.


The Cardiac Output Method

Perform any low intensity exercise (e.g. run, skip, swim, bike, pad work) for 30-90 minutes keeping heart rate between 130-150bpm the whole time.

1-3x per week

Gradually increase volume.


PRACTICAL: A sample weekly conditioning workout taken from Joel’s website below:








Looking for a job at a successful company like Amazon? Then look into their 14 recommended principles for successful leadership.

I’ve summarised them below;

  1. Customer Obsession
  2. Ownership
  3. Invent and Simplify
  4. Leaders Are Right, a lot
  5. Learn and Be Curious
  6. Hire and Develop the Best
  7. Insist on the Highest Standards
  8. Thing Big
  9. Bias for Action
  10. Frugality
  11. Earn Trust
  12. Dive Deep
  13. Have Backbone: Disagree and Commit
  14. Deliver Results

An explanation of what each principle means in full can be found HERE!


PRACTICAL: Take one of these principles monthly and think how you can be more effective in that area. Fourteen months later you will be well on your way to improving your leadership capabilities!



Needing some motivation?

Have a look at Ex-Navy Seal Jocko Willink’s instagram page.

Every day Jocko posts a photo with a very simple message to his followers.


Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 11.04.21Less talk. More action.


Jocko is renowned for being a phenomenal leader during his time with the Navy Seals. He is author of the popular book Extreme Ownership: How U.S Navy Seals Lead and Win and also has his own podcast on leadership.


PRACTICAL: It’s not about perfection. It’s about getting started.

 Use the 70% rule. Get something 70% of the way done and fine tune the remaining 30% later.

No matter how good your ideas or intentions are nothing great will be accomplished without action.




Rob Macdonald a.k.a Bobby Maximus is the man whose gym (Gym Jones) is mostly popularly known for training the cast of 300 and Henry Cavill before his Superman role.

With a background in professional MMA, 6ft 3” tall and weighing over 100kg of muscle you would think physical health would be the top of his priority list.

However, on this Joe De Franco Podcast, Rob Macdonald stated that he has always struggled with self-doubt and it was improving his psychological health that played a key role in his success.

The method that he continues to use to this day is one which he learned from a sports psychologist.

What is it?

Write down with pen and paper what you have accomplished already in life to get where you are or the reason why you deserve to be in the position you are currently in.

This method he says is simple and is far more effective than it appears. He’s the living proof.


PRACTICAL: Got a big event coming up? Job interview? Pitching to an investor? Big trial for a sports team? Starting a new business?

Feeling doubtful about your ability to perform? Well, now you have a strategy. What have you got to lose?



  • Become a great storyteller just like TED speakers
  • Get your heart rate to below 60bpm
  • Take on some of the leadership principles promoted by the hugely successful company – Amazon!
  • Less talking more doing. Follow Jocko Willink on instagram to give you that added motivation
  • When doubting your ability, write your accomplishments down to feel the power of positive thinking!




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